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Proactive vs Reactive IT Management

Break/Fix Model

Most businesses operate in reactive-only mentality as it relates to their information technology – only when a computer or other device is experiencing issues is it given attention. This method might appear to be less costly in the short term, however, when factoring in the amount of frustration, unproductive staff, and even the potential for downtime of your entire business you are vulnerable to with the break/fix model, the potential profit loss quickly adds up. Usually, IT companies that operate under a break/fix model do not have a managed service agreement and will only attend to your problem when they have time. Since they bill hourly, they have no motivation to fix your problem quickly or even attempt to find a permanent solution.

Proactive IT Maintenance

In addition to unlimited tech support, backup and disaster recovery, we focus on a proactive approach to our client’s technology infrastructure. Instead of reacting to problems as they come up, we are able to eliminate potential issues before they become significant problems that lead to lost business time. Our proactive approach is multifaceted and is composed of an annual in-depth review, monthly assessments, and daily monitoring.

Annual Review

One of the first steps that we take is a thorough review of your entire IT infrastructure and compare it against our comprehensive list of industry standards. The finalized report gives our client and us a starting point from which we can identify and resolve critical issues.

Monthly Assessment

Our Network Administrators complete a monthly assessment of your organization that concentrates on password management, backup and disaster recovery, reviewing health reports, and vulnerability scanning.

Daily Monitoring

In addition to the monthly reviews, we install monitoring agents on all of the workstations and servers throughout your organization to help us identify any potential threats to your business and eliminate them before they cause any issues. By continuously monitoring your network, this allows us to perform proactive maintenance on a regular basis and increase the uptime for your organization. The regularly scheduled maintenance includes hardware and software optimizations, disk defragmentation, patching, disk cleanup and much more.

After the onboarding processes are complete, our clients see a change in performance immediately and focus more on running their business, and less on worrying about technical problems and vulnerabilities.

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