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Focus on what you do best and leave the tech to us!

We are not strangers to technology. With more than 50 years of combined experience in technology implementation, support, and service, we have the skills necessary to meet your business needs, regardless of your size or industry.

Technology can be intimidating. It is not always easy to know what programs to buy or what updates are necessary for your IT infrastructure to ensure your business is protected against the latest threat. That is why we offer managed service agreements designed to fit your business.

Our all-inclusive IT managed services agreements go beyond providing you with troubleshooting for daily nuisance issues - we become your IT department. We work with you to help align your technology with your business goals while providing you with the peace of mind knowing that your business has partnered with a highly skilled and well-established IT-consulting firm. By partnering with us, our clients quickly find that they are wasting less time dealing with overwhelming IT issues and can focus on what matters - their business.

What does a managed service agreement include?

Everything. From help desk support to 24x7x365 emergency on-site visits, to finding and ordering the perfect computer for your new employee, you will have access to all of the benefits of an enterprise-level IT department, without the high price tag.


You will have access to our fully staffed help desk, network administrators, and chief information officers. Your chief information officer will meet with you on a quarterly basis, and your network administrator will perform monthly proactive maintenance to ensure your business is fully protected from any potential threats.

A more detailed look at some of what’s included:

Technical Support


We deliver peace of mind with 24x7x365 support. Our help desk is available to your employees and our experienced help desk techs will troubleshoot any problem your company is facing - from resetting passwords to troubleshooting networking issues.  


It is easy to get in touch with us; our clients submit requests by email, telephone, or via our portal. All requests from clients are tracked using our ticketing system and provide updates to the person who sent in the issue. Our help desk technicians fix the majority of problems remotely but are available to go to your location if needed.


Any major problems are attended to promptly and given our full attention. As part of our managed service agreement, we have service guarantees customized to your organizations needs to ensure our response time to all priority issues.

Proactive Maintenance

Most businesses operate in a reactive-only mentality as it relates to their IT – only when a computer or other device is experiencing issues is it given attention. This method leads to frustration, unproductive staff, and unreliable IT infrastructure which can cause downtime to your entire business.


Many of our clients have an unstable IT environment when they first approach us. The chaos and stress surrounding this unreliability affect their day-to-day business. By partnering with us, we can transform the chaos and unreliability into a reliable and dependable system.  


We focus on a proactive approach to our client’s technology infrastructure and try to eliminate any potential issues before they become significant problems that lead to lost business time. This hands-on approach is multifaceted and is composed of an annual in-depth review, monthly assessments, and daily monitoring.

After the onboarding processes are complete, our clients see a change in performance immediately and focus more on running their business, and less on worrying about technical problems and vulnerabilities.



Protecting your business from the increasing amount of cyber attacks is a top priority for all of our customers. However, with the growing complexity of these attacks, figuring what you need to protect your business and how to implement it is a full-time job.


As a partner of Bedrock Technology, we offer our clients a top of the line defense against security threats.  We provide a firewall for all of our managed service clients to completely protect their business. Our network security devices protect and monitor your network against a variety of threats – from network intrusions to service outages. We customize each firewall to monitor your network and alert us to any issues. We also offer web filtering so you can control what sites your employee's access and increase employee productivity.


We install antivirus and malware protection software on every computer within your organization. These pieces of software provide a frontline defense against known threats coming from files, compromised websites, internet traffic, and other software vulnerabilities. All software is centrally managed and updated on a regular interval. Modern, current threat protection software that is aggressively updated is a vital element of a security risk mitigation plan.

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Operating system crashes are damaging to all businesses and avoided at all costs. We configure all servers and workstations that are vital to your business to run system backups at regularly scheduled intervals. These backups are stored locally as well as to a secure, offsite location.


Backups have the unique ability to be restored not only to the existing hardware but also to new hardware or virtual hardware hosted in the cloud. This technology minimizes downtime and disruption to your business operation and protects against various scenarios ranging from simple data loss to complete catastrophic failures. As part of our proactive approach, we complete quarterly backup images and restoration procedures.

Vendor Management


Is your internet down? Dreading calling your ISP?


Our technical staff will handle communication with all of your IT-related vendors. We will call on your behalf about any issues you are experiencing and show up at your office if the provider needs us to. We have found by being the single point of contact with the vendor, this leads to issues getting resolved much faster, and everyone is much happier.  

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