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Bedrock Technology is proud to be a certified vendor for Nuance’s Dragon Dictation Software. As the area's leading Dragon certified specialists, we install and support Dragon Dictation for physicians throughout Pennsylvania. Dragon Dictation is an industry leader in medical speech recognition software and is used by 500,000 physicians and 10,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. Speech recognition software is the perfect fit for doctors looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to better document care.

Dragon Medical software is the most accurate “real-time” clinical speech recognition solution available. When compared to using a traditional mouse and keyboard, Dragon Medical software is three times faster and is 99% accurate. Out of the box, Dragon Medical software comes with a built-in vocabulary that covers 90 medical specialties and sub-specialties.  The software builds a baseline using your age, region, and 8 of the most common accents with technology that is designed to adapt to your voice and learn how you speak. Training is quick - it takes less than 15 minutes to set up a profile and complete the voice recognition training. Dragon also integrates with almost all commercially available EMRs and supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines. In addition to reducing time spent on documenting care, custom templates, commands, and macros that are specific to you are available and can help eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Dragon Medical software has a fast ROI with most physicians recovering their costs in less than three months. Additionally, practices that use Dragon Dictation Software have a higher rate of reimbursement than practices that provide notes built by point and click templates alone. One major study by a physician practice in the Northeast determined that using Dragon Medical technology along with an EMR increased per-physician reimbursement by $10,000 annually.

Dragon - Naturally Speaking

Dragon - Naturally Speaking

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